Terms and Conditions

All Cakes made by Amanda Black at Elmsleigh cakes are subject to the following terms and conditions.

 Please read them carefully before transferring any money, by transferring money, or placing a booking ,

you are confirming that you have read and understood the following.

Deposits and Payments:

All bookings require a deposit to be paid to confirm and secure your date.

The deposit is 50% of your total order and is payable by cash, or by bank transfer. 

Details of which will be given when payment is going to be paid, please don't hold these details to pay later, 

as the availability may have gone and the order won't be fulfilled.

If paying via bank transfer please add ref: specified by myself... i.e Unicorn cake / 50th explosion cake etc. 

This needs to be paid within 24hrs otherwise the date will become available to others.

Deposits are non-refundable/non-transferable.

Your date is not secured until your deposit is paid, therefore it may be given to someone else.

Your order will only be added to my diary once the deposit is received and confirmed. So once paid please let me know.

Dates can be pre booked with a £10.00 deposit, of which you can then deduct from your total, and decide what you would like to order at a later date.

(Non-refundable but can be transferred to an alternative date subject to availability.)

Full payment is required upon delivery / collection for celebration cakes and no later than 4 weeks prior to the event for any wedding cakes.



Please be aware that if you cancel your order, your deposit is non-refundable.

In the unlikely event of Elmsleigh Cakes having to cancel an order, I will give you as much notice as possible, 

and any payments made will be refunded in full as soon as possible.

Changes to your design/cake flavour:

I'm more than happy to change aspects of the design and flavour of the cake with at least 2 weeks notice. 

If any preparation has started, additional cost will apply to cover this.

Changing the date of collection, if earlier is not guaranteed due to limited availability of my time. 

But this can be discussed on an individual basis.

Hiring of Equipment:

I have multiple pieces of equipment for people to use. i.e 7 tier Acrylic Cupcake stand / Cupcake Ferris wheel etc.

These all require a returnable deposit of their value and a small hire charge.

They must be returned undamaged and cleaned within the specified time agreed on, if not the deposit will be kept and new items purchased.

Costs included will be discussed on ordering.

Delivery and Set Up:

 Delivery / Collection will be agreed with you upon placing your order. 

I will also contact you by your preferred method the 

day before to confirm this. 

Elmsleigh cakes covers Lymington  and the surrounding area up to 30 miles.

Both delivery and collection are available 7 days a week.

Delivery is charged at 50p per mile (both ways) from postcode SO41 0QZ. (E.g. If you live 5 miles away your delivery cost will be £5.00)

Set up costs will be given in your quote if applicable and are separate to delivery costs. Local set up cost from £25.

Although we try our best to deliver cakes at the agreed time, 

we cannot be liable if weather, traffic (or other conditions that are out of our control) 

affect the time of delivery - we will try and notify you if we think we may be late due to any of these reasons, 

however this may not always be possible.

If there is anything that may make our delivery difficult, please make us aware of this when placing your order.

 (E.g. No parking, Sat Nav issues)

Publication and Advertising:

The photos taken by Elmsleigh cakes belong to and are copyrighted to Elmsleigh Cakes.

I will use these to promote my business and showcase my cakes. 

You are more than welcome to use these also. Please feel free to tag me in any of your own photos too .

Returns and Damages:

If you are not satisfied with the design of your cake, please say so when the cake is delivered/collected.

If you wish to return your cake, please contact us as soon as possible and state clearly what the issue is. 

 Please note that any remaining cake will need to be returned in order for us to conduct an investigation into the issue. 

I must be informed and the cake returned within 24hrs from receipt.

If the cake is damaged before or during delivery, all efforts will be made to fix the damage.

Elmsleigh Cakes  are not responsible/liable for any damage caused to the cake after delivery/collection.

Any work repairing a cake damaged through no fault of our own will incur a fee.

No refunds can be given if a cake is not returned.

Looking after your cake:

Please store your cake in the box that it was delivered in.

Please store your cake at room temperature (unless otherwise stated).

Do not place your cake in the fridge, in direct sunlight or anywhere hot.

Keep pets away from the cake.

Wrap any cut edges of your cake in cling wrap to preserve the freshness.

If collecting your cake, please ensure the cake is placed in a clean empty boot or in the foot well of the car. 

Do not place on the seat or place on the knee of a passenger as this could cause the cake damage in transit.


All our ingredients are of the highest quality.

All fruit cakes used contain nuts, or traces of nuts or nut oil.

Sponge, flavoured and chocolate cakes, are made to be eaten within a week of the celebration.

 The cakes are made in a kitchen in which nuts are sometimes used, every effort is taken to keep ingredients 

separate however cakes may contain traces of nuts or nut oil.

Fresh Flowers:

If a customer requests fresh flowers on their wedding cake it is the customer’s responsibility to liaise with their florist to determine

 the type of flowers to be used. It would be helpful to communicate this decision with the cake designer.

The cost of fresh flowers is not included in the cake price. The cost of fresh flowers needs to be settled with your florist. 

Please note some flowers are toxic.

 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any fresh flowers displayed on or next to the cake do not contain pesticides and are food-safe. 

Elmsleigh Cakes  can take no responsibility for the flowers being food-safe.

Shelf Life Of The Cake:

Sponge, Chocolate and Carrot cake will keep up to five days after delivery.

Special diatary Cakes, these may have a shorter shelf life , ask for information.

Fruitcake will last well for  3 months if stored in a tin.


Although we try to cater for everyone’s needs, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that the kitchen is allergen free due to the ingredients used.

 If you have any allergies, please discuss this with us when booking your cake.

If you have any questions regarding any of our terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us on 07914586441.


 Mrs A.J.Black trading as Elmsleigh cakes

Lawn road, Milford on Sea,Hamphire SO41 0QZ

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