Due to the nature of my cakes all designs are bespoke so are inherently hard to price as each individual cake takes time to design and create.

I pride myself on producing high quality cakes at affordable prices.

Most cakes are individually designed and therefore prices will vary according to size of cake and intricacy of design.
Please note that the following guidelines are Starting Prices simple wording, happy birthday etc

Type of cakeSizeSponge CakeFruit Cake

Round or Square celebration cake,


Wedding favours (subject to minimum order of 10 items favours )



from £2.50

from £6.00

Novelty Cakes


Giant cupcakes

Based on 10" sponge cake





"Undecorated" sponge family cakes and cream cheesecakes (made to order)7"from £17.00
Cup Cakes£2.75n/a
Mini Sponge and Fruit Cakes£7.50




Wedding Cakes

Each order is quoted for on an individual basis depending on

  1. Size of cakes/portions required
  2. Type of cake (fruit, sponge or carrot cake)
  3. Style and complexity of decoration
  4. How the cakes are to be displayed e.g. stand, pillars, stacked etc.
  5. Cupcake wrappers etc charged as extra at cost price.


As a rough guide my Starting Prices: are as follows:
(please note these are sponge cake prices)
Two tier cakes from £250.00 (based on a ten and eight inch cakes)
Three tier cakes from £250.00 (based on a eight, six & four inch cake)


All stands should be returned to Elmsleigh cakes within 5 working days of the event, collection by us from the venue can be arranged but a further charge will be added for this service.

Failure to return the stand within this time period will result in loss of deposit.

  A diary of my day before a cupcake delivery,

just to give you an idea of how my pricing for cupcakes comes about.....

  •  Friday!
  • Up at 6am, oven on, mixer going, 100 to bake, three different flavours, decent size cupcakes.  Get friend to collect kids and take them to school. All cooked and oven off by 10am. Wash up all bowls etc and wash down work tops. Mix buttercream, 3 different flavours and colours, ( wash Kenwood bowl inbetween each flavour ) Wash all equipment, wash down work tops. Arrange cupcakes so as not to confuse flavours, colours etc.   Basic buttercream swirl 1/3, add sprinkle and box-up. 
  • 2.45pm,   Stop to pop out and collect the kids from school.
  • 3.30 pm Roll out sugarpaste, cut circles. emboss. etc etc etc.  Apply buttercream to cupcakes, stick sugarpaste on. Roll out pastillage, cut out 30 butterflies, frill the edges of the wings ( we don't want thick wings on our butterflies) place on former to dry. settle down to make 30 big roses, 60 small roses, 30 daisies, 60 plunger blossom and 90 leaves. Set aside. Mix royal icing. Fill piping bag and arrange and stick all flowers and butterfly on 30 cupcakes. Box-up.
  • 5pm. Stop for dinner.
  • 6pm. Fancy buttercream swirl the remaining cupcakes. Over pipe with colour contrasting linework. Strategically place 5 pearl dragees on each cake. Make 30 cupcake wrappers. Insert finshed cup cakes and box-up.
  • 9pm. Wash-up, wash down worktops.
  • Saturday.
  • 10 am. Polish cupcake stand, load the car with 100 cupcakes. Drive to destination. Unload car and take cupcakes into reception room. Meticulously arrange cupcakes on stand so colours, flavours, those with frilly wrappers are evenly and well spaced,and looking their best.
  • Noon, Drive home, Pop to shops to replenish all ingredients used. 100 cupcakes - From £2.50 per portion .............BARGAIN !!!