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Posted by amanda on Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Oh,what a busy week this has been!
I have been baking like a loon, all was quiet until Tuesday when I had to start baking for the Cakefest at the church hall.  Well I say quiet, my mate Steve bought the gazebo round, which I was borrowing for Sundays market on the green, OMG me and him out in the garden trying to assemble the thing, we did quite well it took about 10 mins , so the signs were good for Sunday but I bet it takes Sarah and me longer up there!
After hours of baking on Tuesday , all the cakes were ready and decorated, only to turn up to find I was allocated half a table! OMG all those cakes and no were to put them! Arghhhh.
Nicola  found me another small table so I was able to put out some of my faux cakes out, then just before doors opened, the other person saring the table pulled out, so a quick reorganise and several trips to the car and all the cakes were out on display.
I get so nervous at these events but really enjoyed it, I had the lovely ladies of the WI on one side and fiona's lovely chocolates on the other, five hours later it was time to pack up and go. I met some lovely people and had some really nice chats. All in all a good but tiring day.

My next big day was Friday, another bake off but this time for the pre-school easter egg hunt, loads and loads of bunny  and chick cakes, all very pretty with  chocolate eggs.
Up early on Saturday, car packed and off to the school. Sarah was already there, my god that girl is dedicated!
The egg hunt went very well, I face painted loads of lovely kids, all of which seemed happy with the result. Should have made more bunny cakes though , they sold out in less than an hour.
Once everything was all cleared up it was off to Inger-lise's to check if Chris needed a hand with the cake decorating , a quck but lovely coffe and home for more baking!!
I had all the baking for the next days market still to do, kids and family were banned from the kitchen, a takeaway was on order and off I set, from about 3pm until 11:30pm, I mixed, baked and decorated, the result was a kitchen crammed full of lovely looking goodies and one very tired Mandy. But it was all ready for the market, as this was my first ever one I had no idea what to expect or how much to make so it was with some trepidation that I went to bed that night!
Tim and Sarah came round at 8 and off we went to the green, very surprising ly between us we got that gazebo up, decorated, the tables set and ready to go within 30 mins! Wow that must be a record! A quick dash back home to refil the car with cakes, after a bit of fusing about the stand was set, lots of cakes and savory muffins and a few fairy babies, with stomachs churning Sarah and I paitently waited for for the market to start.
Oh boy what a fun time we had, I dont know why I get so scared, once I get into it I really love doing this, you get to meet such nice people and talk abut cake, what could be better?
Thankyou to everyone who came and saw us at all the events and to everyone who tried my cakes. I hope you enjoyed them, I enjoyed meeting everyone of you.
Must go now as I have to return the borrowed cake dome to Inger-lise's before she needs it.
Here's looking forward to next years food week, I keep looking on the website as I'm sure there are going to be some dodgy pictures on it soon LOL

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