Cake Glitter:
The Food Standards Agency has issued a notice of an enquiry regarding the use of glitters used on cakes and cupcakes

These Non-Toxic glitters, which have been used in baking for many years, have now been put under testing to meet with EU laws. The Glitter is safe to be ingested as it is Non Toxic, however because the body cannot digest the glitter (i.e. it passes through your digestive system unchanged) it cannot be classified as a ‘food’ and has therefore been classified as ‘For Decoration Purpose Only’

For Decoration Purpose Only: - The Non Toxic Glitters can be used on decorations that can be removed from the cake/cupcakes prior to eating. NOT sprinkled directly onto the cake/cupcake.

This has caused a lot of debate and discussions on Cake Decorating forums the last few days, with people trying to find an ‘Edible’ alternative that offers the same quality of sparkle, to sprinkle directly on the cake/cupcake – unfortunately there are none!

Therefore should you order a cake that requires that extra bit of sparkle, I will be able to offer you the following alternatives, until such a time as the Food Standards Agency re-classifies the non-toxic glitter or a suitable substitute comes on the market.

1. Non Toxic Glitter can still be used as long as the decorations are removed prior to eating – this may mean a slight adjustment to your cake design
2. Edible Magic sparkles
3. Pearl Lustre Spray – which gives a subtle shimmer
4. Coloured Lustre Dusts & Paints – Which give a shimmer
5. Coloured Sugar

I apologise for any inconvenience caused and would like to stress again that these glitters will not cause harm if ingested. However we all have to follow Environmental Health and FSA Guidelines

Customers: - I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this


 What size cake do I need?

The table below gives a guide to the approximate number of portions to the size of cake.  This should make it easier to choose the size of cake you require for your number of guests (obviously allowing a little extra for those who may require second helpings!!).


What design can I have?

I will always do my best to produce any design you wish, if you have an idea in mind for your special cake, please feel free to discuss it with me and I will endeavour to make it for you.

Can I have a cake that I have seen on your website?

Most of my cakes are bespoke designs but yes I can always replicate them.

How can I order a cake?

There are three ways of contacting me, you can go to the contact us page of this site where you will find email and telephone number for me, or there is a contact us form which will let me know you are interested and I will call you back.

What happens next ?

Normally, we will either discuss you requirements over the phone or if you wish we can arrange for you to visit my cake studio , where we can discuss and design your cake over a cup of tea.