About Me,

Hi, my name is Mandy, I have worked in the IT sector for many years, but since having my two kids,

and currently I'm a "at home" Mum, I have always done many crafts and enjoy making cakes for friends

 and family.

Since becoming a full time Mum, my hobby has expanded and I enjoy the pleasure that my crafted cakes

 bring to people.

Earlier last year I was given a huge piece of a shop bought birthday cake for my family to share, in

my rush I accidently sat upon it (little did I know my daughter put it on the front seat of my car) to my

 horror I was able to reshape it (it was wrapped in film) back into its former shape. These REALLY

 made me think exactly what are we giving our families to eat?

I haven’t bought cake since, trust me my cakes cannot be reshaped, they crumble like a cake should.

My idea now is to expand my hobby and inviting others to enjoy my cakes and have the chance to have

their ideas made up for their celebrations.

I have done many cakes for charity and enjoy helping with many good causes in the local community.

I particularly help with raising funds at Milford preschool , where I am now a Director.

Many of the children have had many "tastes" of my cooking and face painting skills. I'm known as the lady

 that does cakes

I love making and decorating cakes and I think that this shows in the quality of the finished product,

 it’s made with a passion that pushes me further on each cake.

Now the boring but important bit,as a food outlet I have been fully inspected and acredited by

 New forest district council,and carry full public liability insurance, and have a level 2 certificate in food safety.

I only use the best quality ingredients in my cakes, they are all made fresh with simple ingredients.

No ingredients that need a dictionary to spell, eggs, flour, butter and sugar, I do not use cake mixes, or

 buy my cakes in, I can even use homemade jam if you wish.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my cakes, I am no photographer so please forgive my

 dodgy photos but I have done my best to give an impression of my style. I hope that you enjoy looking at

 them, should think you want a cake, please feel call me on 07914586441 or email me on elmsleighcakes1@aol.com


 Why am I called Elmsleigh cakes?

My family has long lived in Milford with my grandparents having built many of the houses in the village and the surrounding area.

 Our house was built by him in 1953 and was given the name Elmsleigh. So despite myself be in a newcomer to the village the name has been here for many years. I thought it would be nice to link the old in with the new, so Elmsleigh cakes was born.

 I will deliver to the local area or we can arrange collection from my home.

I am a proud member of the British sugarcraft guild


Find out more about my hometown at